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Sužinokit apie mūsų vykdomus projektus bei programas 2023 metais



voluntary service

(financed by JRD and Kaunas City Municipality) - intensive 6 months. 40 h / month volunteer program. Recognized benefits and a graduation fee of 0.25 on admission to higher education.



solidary corps

Intensive volunteering abroad from 2 to 12 months. 6-8 hours / day. Travel and living expenses are covered. Recognized benefits and a graduation fee of 0.25 on admission to higher education. AC Patria is the sending, hosting and coordinating organization. (EU funded)




National project for young inactive (NEET) people aged between 15 and 29 years, who are not in education, employment or training and are not registered with the Employment service. One of the activities - youth voluntary service. Volunteering may last from 1 month up to 6 months (4-6 hours per day, total 80-100 hours per month). Some of the expenses are covered as well as pocket money are paid. Project is implemented by the the Agency of Youth Affairs together with partner organizations. A.C. Patria is responsible for the coordination of volunteering services. Project is funded by European Social Fund and state budget.



Open youth

centre "Vartai"

Working as an Open Youth Centre also has accreditation for children day care center services. Open for youth aged 14-29 years. (Funded by the Agency of Youth Affairs, Kaunas municipality, Ministry of Social Security and Labor).



Scholarship program

Is for the youngsters, who live or have lived in foster care and are still in education (aged 17-24 years). Individual help and financial support for those in formal education system. (Funded by German association “Kinder- und Jugendförderung in Litauen e.V.“)



Project for youth

growing up in care

Empowering young people in foster care to live independently and integrate into the labor market -the project is aimed at strengthening the independence, life and work skills of young people who have left care institutions. Opportunity to receive individual services and accompaniment, get acquainted with professions, try different professions in apprenticeship. (Funded by the EU Social Fund)


"Accompanied adolescence"


Implemented as a part of the project „Kauno bendruomeniniai šeimos namai“. Funded by European Social Fund. Project is implemented by Kaunas municipality and partners. Project gives a chance for teenagers aged 13-17 years to take part in 8 group sessions (2,5 hours each), one two days away experience during weekend and individual consulting according to every youngster’s needs.



small step"

A project funded by the Active Citizens' Fund, supported by EEA and Norwegian funds, to strengthen the participation and involvement of young people in difficulty. The project also strengthens the competencies and skills of the organization.