"A.C. Patria" helps young people and organizations to discover volunteering opportunities in Lithuania and abroad, consults on local and international volunteering issues.

The Volunteer Center implements local, national and international volunteer programs. We work with volunteers and with volunteer host organizations. The Volunteer Center develops two directions, local and international volunteering.

Local volunteering „Kaunas - savanorių miestas 2023”

  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Age: from 14 to 29 years.
  • Time: 40 val./mėn. in total: 240 hours.
  • A certificate is issued
  • Organizacijoms reikalinga akreditacija, programa įgyvendinama Kauno mieste
  • Individualūs susitikimai su mentorėmis ir savanorių grupės susitikimai, mokymai.

Jei nori tapti vietiniu savanoriu, rašyk savanorių mentorėms savanoriai@patria.lt arba jst@patria.lt 863058865 arba tiesiog užsuk į „AC Patrią”.

National Volunteering Program "Youth Voluntary Service"

It is an opportunity not only to discover a pleasant course of activity, but also to get to know yourself better!

  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Age: from 14 to 29 years.
  • Time: 40 hours/month in total: 240 hours.
  • Registration: 2 times per year JRA puslapyje jra.lt
  • A certificate is issued
  • Organizations need accreditation
  • Individual meetings with a mentor and group meetings of volunteers, trainings.

Jei nori dalyvauti programoje, susisiek su savanorių mentorėmis savanoriai@patria.lt arba jst@patria.lt, 863058865 

International Volunteering Program "European Solidarity Corps"

  • Duration: short-tem (up to 3 months)or long-term (from 3 months)
  • Age: from 18 to 29 years.
  • Time: 35 hours/week
  • A certificate is issued
  • Organizations need accreditation
  • Lithuanians can go to another country to volunteer. Foreigners can come to Lithuania to volunteer.

Jei norėtum atlikti tarptautinę savanorišką veiklą užsienyje, rašyk adresu esk@patria.lt .

Jei norėtumėte priimti tarptautinius savanorius savo organizacijoje, kreipkitės adresu solidarity@patria.lt

Dėl bendrų su savanoriška veikla susijusių klausimų, mokymų, galimybių savanoriauti arba priimti savanorius kviečiame kreiptis į „A.C.Patria“ Savanorių centro koordinatorę Editą: buksavanoriu@gmail.com, +37064734826.

Seeing a great interest in volunteering, we also provide counseling to those over 29 years of age. people with a desire and time to volunteer.


We see volunteering as a learning process in which volunteers are involved and the acceptingorganizations..

 Values that are important to us:

  • equivalent relationships
  • physical and psychological security
  • growth of young person's independence

Every volunteer has a mentor, with whom regular meetings take place. During them, the volunteer reflects on his / her perceptions, problems, and competencies to be developed. In this way, the volunteer names what he / she learned during the service, what skills he / she acquired, how his / her attitude changed. Mentors also help to look more constructively at opportunities in conflict situations.

Curators of host organizations also work closely with mentors to discuss a variety of situations, help the volunteer integrate, consult when difficulties arise, and work together to find constructive solutions and compromises from all difficult situations. 

These measures are justified because volunteers coordinated by A.C. Patria, even after completing their service earlier, usually make a decision after understanding valuable things about themselves and others. The cessation of volunteering in our organization is not spontaneous: in the event of difficulties, the most appropriate solution is considered together.

We solve the problem in stages, providing feedback, informing the volunteer how we see the situation and what the prospects are.

If you are interested in volunteering, have questions, please contact our team!


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