Open youthcentre "VARTAI"

The main goal of the Open Youth Centre "Vartai" is to provide social and safe employment services to young people (14-29) regardless of their social status. Vartai Youth Center operatesan open space, where a young person can spend their free time in a safe environment (without violence, bullying, intoxication, etc.), engage in their favorite activities (various board, outdoor and other games, creative workshops, music, etc.), implement their ideas, discuss topics of interest to them and receive emotional support and guidance as needed.

The Youth Center employs social / youth workers, local and international volunteers and trainees who know the relationships between young people, their individual behavior and are constantly involved in all activities of the Youth Center and help young people to comply with existing rules, resolve conflicts, respond and thematically. 

The open youth center Vartai is located at E. Ožeškienės St. 7, Kaunas. Its doors are open to young people from Tuesday to Friday from 15.00 to 19.00. 

We are proud of our work

Mainactivities and goals:

safe busyness in the centre

we aim to create a favorable and safe space for young people without psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.), violence, bullying by inviting them both to join the offered activities and simply to be in the space together with employees and other peers.

Individual work

we provide individual assistance to young people who are experiencing difficulties: we consult young people and their family members and, if necessary, cooperate with the young person's immediate environment: the school and other organizations.

Development of independence skills

group and outreach activities are organized: social skills strengthening groups, experiential hikes, etc. Young people develop their skills during their daily stay at the center by solving difficulties, cooking, managing the common space and simply learning to be in a group.

Space for self-realization

an open youth center is a place where young people are received without prejudice: we aim to understand, hear and accept young people as they are and to help them discover ways of constructive expression: to realize their ideas, initiatives with the help of staff and other visitors.

Information and consultation

we advise young people on everyday issues: job search, career choice, sex education and other topics relevant to young people, inviting them to just come and talk. We also advise organizations on youth work issues if necessary.


Open work with youth in Lithuania has a ten-year tradition. Its beginning was initiated by the Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, based on the experience of centers operating abroad and the analysis of the situation of Lithuanian youth.

The initial goal was to include those groups of young people who spend time on (often unsafe) streets, because not all young people want to participate in extracurricular activities and template programs.

Open work with young people opens up a space for young people where they can come and spend time without commitment. Here they can communicate, help each other with homework, tell the day’s events, and so on.

The activities of the Youth Center are based on the following principles:

  • Dialogue activities - selected according to relevant, interesting questions for young people.
  • Communication between staff and young people is equal, respectful, friendly.
  • Young people are not forced to adapt, to change, and if difficulties arise, they are talked about in a relationship based on trust.
  • The premises where the activities take place are adapted to young people, taking into account their psychological development aspects, worldview, interests.
  • The youth center avoids barriers that would deter young people from visiting the center (registration, unjustified bans, hierarchies, non-transparency).

Open work with young people is not about blindly meeting the needs of a young person. It also has its own rules, the staff of the youth center themselves create the boundaries of awareness and responsibility education.


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