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About us

Get acquainted briefly with the goals, activities and other features of our organization.

Actio Catholica Patria is one of the first youth activity organizations in Lithuania, active since 1991 and providing social and cultural services to young people.

The main goal of the organization is"A young individual ready to live independently".Independence is understood as a state where a person is able to take care of himself and the people around him and is happy as an individual and a member of the community.

Often, young people experience tensions due to the difficulty of adapting to society, which determines the individual level of independence and initiative of young people. Not all young people find it easy to overcome life’s challenges, some need help with socializing.For these reasons, different centers of A.C. Patria are engaged in activities that attract and help to exchange young people ofdifferentbiographies and hobbies.

The organization uses different forms of work to work with different groups of young people, thus meeting the needs of different ages and social groups.

Competent employees are constantly improving in order to ensure the quality of work and to discover forms of work that correspond to the changes taking place in society.

More specifically about the activities and methods of the centers, read the descriptions of the centers: